Pastor Victor was born in Guadalajara Jalisco, Mexico. He came to Denver, Colorado when he was 18 years old. Like many of our students, he learned English as a Second Language in the evenings while working full time. Pastor Victor understands the needs of the immigrants in the community and his servant heart is devoted to helping to empower the people in the community. Over the past 3 years, Victor has served as the leader of Cascade of Hope Community Resource Center.

Pastor Victor enjoys camping, hiking, fishing, hunting, and spending time outdoors. His passion is to help people understand the word of God through Jesus Christ and to carry out the calling that God has placed upon all Christians: being a servant to others. Pastor Victor and his wife, Sandra, are reaching out to serve the people in the South West area of Denver and they invite you to became part of Cascade of Hope and help people in your community.

Pastor Victor Perez


Our History

Cascade of Hope Community Resource Center (CRC) is a new, bright, and fresh outreach service to the community. Our vision is to serve the community by providing a nurturing learning environment designed to empower and equip people for a better tomorrow.  We are a non profit organization powered by the financial support of individual donors and the service of many volunteer across the Denver and the front range area of Colorado. We provide a safe place for learning the skills needed to grow as individual. We provide the tools needed for immigrants in our community to make the transition into the social-economic and cultural environment of the United States of America. The leadership at Cascade of Hope is firmly founded in the Christian faith and deeply rooted in a rich history of devotion, faithfulness, and service. What makes us unique is that we strive to be a family oriented organization and when you come to Cascade of Hope you become part of the family.

Our Mission

To help people understand the fullness of scripture through Jesus Christ to acquire the true hope from the overflowing power pouring down in the living word of God.

His Overflowing Power Endures.

To reach-out to the inner-city communities of Denver with brotherly kindness and love. Providing the field for mission and making God’s kingdom tangible through witnessing Jesus Christ’s love, grace, and power here and now. We seek to bring the community together as one multicultural and multigenerational body united by the same faith to exalt and glorify God the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Our Purpose

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